Astral Projection, Psychic Wars and the Recording of Heaven

Adam Hennessy
7 min readNov 11, 2021


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We are heading down a little rabbit hole here with a little story about a man, a camera, visions of the afterlife and a history of a parapsychological cold war and arms race.

We will start by looking into remote viewing, astral projection its history and how the United States has used these tools. We will then look at Robert Gold and the Glass Camera and the possibility that he recorded the afterlife (Heaven/Hell/Other?)

A report prepared by the US Army office of the Surgeon General and Medical Intelligence office on the Controlled Offensive Behaviour of the USSR in Jul 1972 outlines a number of interesting topics, including intelligence that outlines suspected USSR spending on parapsychology research in 1967 between 13–21 million dollars (US)[1] The general tenor of the report is the need to ‘catch up’ with this research and to treat it as having potential ‘real world’ application. A further working paper to the Commander of the 902d MI group (a group that exists today and who provides direct and general counterintelligence support to Army activities and major commands.)[2] from 1978, clearly outlines the belief that ‘The Soviets have the ability to collect intelligence using paranormal means and are believed to be doing so[3] and as a result based on the CIA having ‘ … successfully used parapsychological techniques for offensive intelligence collection[4] in the past action must be taken to ‘counter the threat’.[5]

There was a real world need for a parapsychological defence and offence capability in the US response to Soviet aggression during the 1970’s.

This came, primarily, in the form of what would eventually be called Operation STAR GATE. When the documents were declassified surrounding this operation in 1995 and subsequent year all major news outlets reported on it including the Guardian[6], LA Times[7], NY Times[8] and the Washington Post[9] to name a few.

Operation Star Gate was one of several programs that were either integrated or run simultaneously with different agendas. Others included Sun Streak, Grill Flame, Gondola and Center Lane these were run by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) others controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) included INSCOM, and SCANATE.[10] The objectives were all very similar. To use remote viewing and astral projection to gather intel on foreign enemy assets and programs that would otherwise be impossible or unknown.

Practitioners would work with an observer and based on a set of coordinates project their, consciousness, mind, spirit, chi, astral self to a location not bound by distance or physical impediment, and some believe time, to look around and gather intelligence.

This was not a new phenomenon for the US Intelligence agencies, they were not inventing anything. Firstly, they had reports that the USSR had been doing this since at least 1960. But even further back we have accounts of this.

Pliny the Elder (ca 23–79 AD) tells a tale in his Historia Naturalis of Hermotinus of Clazomenae, whose soul was:

in the habit of leaving his body, and wandering into distant countries, whence it brought back numerous accounts of various things, which could not have been obtained by anyone but a person who was present. The body, in the meantime, was left apparently lifeless . . . . At last, however, his enemies, the Cantharidae . . . burned the body, so that the soul, on its return, was deprived of its sheath, as it were.[11]

Brutal? Yes — but lets just hold that thought for a moment for when we talk about Robert Golf.

The idea of out of body travel really came to popularity in the mid to late 1800’s called mesmerism. One mesmerist subject, Bruno Binet, said: ‘In the state I am now … I am out of my body, I perceive it seated on the chair; I walk about in my room without being seen or felt by you whom I touch’.[12]

But enough of this history lets get into the conspiracy side of things.

In the report I first mentions from the US Army office (Section III) we see mention of the Apport Technique. The Apport technique is in essence the ability of an individual to ‘abduct’ and object using remote viewing techniques, bringing it to ‘friendly territory’ before replacing it from whence it came. That which is abducted is the ‘apport’.[13] Within the same report there is postulation that a version of this apport technique using ‘astral projecting’ spies could travel across unlimited distance and through impassable barriers to enemy locations and steal secrets.

Herein lies a problem.

We have no information that this was ever successful.

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We have clear information that remote viewing/astral projection was successful from the highest of source the President of the United States. Former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed by GQ magazine in 2005. At which time when asked about Roswell and coverups he divulged an incident of remote viewing. He talked about a missing plane in the Central African Republic that they could not find even re-tasking all the satellites they could. He recounts, ‘… the director of the CIA came and told me that he had contacted a woman in California that claimed to have supernatural capabilities. And she went in a trance, and she wrote down latitudes and longitudes, and we sent our satellite over that latitude and longitude, and there was the plane.’[14]

So, let’s assume that remote viewing/astral projection can be used to obtain intelligence. We have no evidence, available that the apport technique does.

Now we get to the story of Robert Golf and The Glass Camera Project.

In the corners of the Internet, whispers are abounded that in the 1990’s at the end of Operation Star Gate when viewers were either not achieving the results the powers that be wanted or more to the point the information obtained was too tainted to subjectivity. We see this issue in transcripts of remote viewing where the observer tells the viewer to report facts, to not draw conclusions. Here is a great link to the remote viewing the CIA did of Mars in 1984 which illustrates this perfectly ( The CIA needed solid intelligence as they were engaged on and off in conflicts in the Middle East. This intelligence needed to be able to be analysed and the random, often vague, drawings and reporting of viewers was not enough.

Thus, the CIA came up with the first non-detectable surveillance tool, in particular a camera with video and audio capabilities which could be used during projection. Remote viewers now had a recording device. The camera, known as the Glass Camera, was used as a focus (like a sigil) that viewers could project and focus what they see and hear into.

There is a general belief that this focus was far harsher physically and psychically to the viewer. Robert Golf was allegedly a powerful psychic in the 1980’s and was either coerced or chose to participate in this Glass Camera project.

Google searches for Robert Golf come up sparse (none at all for a past psychic) and after reading hundreds and hundreds of declassified CIA documents the only real evidence of any tenuous link to this theory (of recording remote/astral viewing) is in a SRI briefing paper from 1974 where reference to paranormal perception is mentioned in the same utterance as; film.[15]

Weak yes, but nonetheless intriguing.

This is where we take a ride.

While participating in a remote viewing/astral projection session Robert Golf died (and go back to Pliny the Elder’s story) the consciousness was left untethered. Reportedly it was drawn into ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’, basically the afterlife. The report I heard was that it was Heaven. When the observer viewed the recording, it was sealed classified and was never viewed again.

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Governments like to control the narrative and the population so not disclosing what was in the afterlife could be a method of control.

Possibly it was not Heaven but something much worse.

Possibly it was something, ‘other’ purgatory, tenebrous blankness, an ululating void, a vast sprawling vacuum or something eldritch and alien that we have not foreseen.

Think of this a man sits concentrating his essence, his consciousness across time and space, searching for something tangible and useful, the stress, the strain kills his physical body. His untethered consciousness is pulled into the afterlife, we capture it, we know the afterlife, we know what comes next — the great unknown — and it is hidden, occult government knowledge held in a locker, a crate in a warehouse or vault — never to be declassified, never to be viewed — lost to history.

Keep searching for the truth people.

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