Brazilian paleoburrows?

Aliens, secret military operations or megafauna?

Adam Hennessy
8 min readFeb 1, 2022

Something a little different today, but something I found really intriguing.

We will be delving (pun intended) into the underground ‘tunnels’ in Brazil that have been found winding beneath the Amazon.

What are they?

I parenthesised the word ‘tunnel’ as while colloquially correct the actual term given to these structures is paleoburrow.

Defined a paleoburrow is an

“burrow formed by an animal of the ancient past.”[1]

Wikipedia goes a little deeper and a better functional definition is that a paleoburrow is

“an underground shelter (tunnel, burrow, lair, etc.) excavated by extinct paleo-vertebrate megafauna (i.e., giant mammals, such as ground sloths) that lived in the prehistoric era.”[2]

Generally, these burrows are small (large compared to their modern equivalent, but nonetheless overall quite small. However, what brings us here today is a particular system of tunnels discovered by Amilcar Adamy a geologist working for Brazilian Geological Survey (known as CPRM [its Portuguese initialisation]) in 2010 and explored in 2015.

Credit: Amilcar Adamy/CPRM